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30 Coolest Office Gadgets You Must Have

30 Coolest Office Gadgets You Must Have

coolest office gadgets

Working as an office guy is far from interesting. On the contrary, many, including me, find the usual repetitive tasks to be boring and stressful. Just exactly the kind where you are longing to go somewhere else to escape from the drudgery, only to find that the five o’clock off is almost light years away.

Well, there are many ways to fight office boredom. You can clean up your desk and keep things organized as possible. If you want games on the other hand, you can play tetris or some boring game to fight boredom with boredom. This however has never been taken seriously by most office employees. I have however tried it once as per suggestion of my buddy, and found that it was surprisingly cool.

By the way, one of the proven ways so far in breaking office monotony is the introduction of some nerdy items to the workplace, and that is what we will be sharing with you here. In this article, you will find not only cool office gadgets but useful tools that you can enjoy in your workplace as well. We are talking here about creatively designed products and outrageously hilarious devices, if that is how you see them,  that can make your office a better place to work in. Also if you are a geek, you should also see this article about 30 Coolest Products Geeks Will Love. We are inviting you to go over these items and share this article to your friends in any way possible. If you are also interested in the coolest business website templates for you company then check out the impressive theme collection. Enjoy!


Nappak- inflatable sleeping cube

Nappak- inflatable sleeping cube

Tired in the office? Now you can take a nap with this inflatable sleeping cube. You surely deserve a brief rest after all hustle in the office. Just arrange it with your boss prior to setting up camp so that he will give you time to take your break in the comfort of your cool napping gear. And yeah, never mind if your co-workers would call you lazy, unless you admit that you really are. What’s important after all is, you give yourself time to recharge so that you stay productive for the rest of the day.

USB Cup Warmer

USB Cup Warmer

Why is it that a really good cuppa always seems to cool at 10 times the normal rate when you’re working at your computer? It’s really very annoying. At last, there’s a solution with this easy-to-use USB Cup Warmer. Simply plug the little gadget into your USB port, pop your cuppa onto the hot plate, and it’ll extend your drinking time by up to 30 minutes. Think you have all the computer essentials you need? You will soon come to realize that this is a real essential. You won’t be able to manage without one of these on your desk. Make working at your computer cosy with a hot cup of warming comfort beside you. Continue reading

Life Hacks…Part 1

What are life hacks?you may ask. In the simplest of words, these are simple methods of making our life activities more efficient using what is available around us. Below are some 50 life hacks everyone out there should try. Your life won’t be the same again!







life hacks how to make your life easier (16)

Continue reading

Going Green when printing

going greenWe all want to reduce wastage of printing paper in our offices. This not only saves us money, but it also helps conserve the environment. Below are some of the strategies that can be used to achieve this: Continue reading

Managing Waste in the Workplace

Did you know? Effective waste management can reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill by up to 50%. The important thing to remember is to reduce, reuse and recycle…
There are four steps necessary to properly manage waste: Continue reading

Cleaning your house with the least (or no) water

Living in a country with no access to water let alone clean water, it is wise to use the least water when carrying out domestic chores. Water should be used when most necessary. With this in mind, it is important to first:

Make a list of all activities that may need water at home.

Rule them out on by one.

Of these activities, cleaning the house is definitely one of them. Unless you are a banana dealer that stains their floor while storing and selling their merchandise, if it’s a normal house then the biggest culprit could be dust and normal litter (paper, food bits etc.)

So you are wondering how a house can be kept clean without using water. Guess how…yes you got that right-by sweeping it!

Below are steps to follow to for the best sweep: Continue reading

Ten Ways To Keep Your Car Clean Even If You’re Lazy

1.) Keep it clean so it stays clean

Why it’s effective: The easiest way to keep your car from getting dirty is to clean it once and make sure it stays that way.

2.) Make a routine for washing

Why it’s effective: There’s no quick fix to keeping your car washed regularly. You have to either set up a schedule for taking your car to a carwash, or you need to start a routine for washing your own car.

Mark it out on your calendar and use the two-bucket method. One bucket has clean water and the other bucket is soapy. Scrub your car clean, soap it up, then wash it all off from the top down. Stay regimented and your car won’t ever stay dirty.

3.) Every time you leave, take something out

Why it’s effective:  Continue reading

How to Manage Your Home Waste

Having trouble keeping up with your family’s garbage output? Putting a bit more thought into the way you manage your household waste can help you get more organized. With careful planning, you’ll be able to save money and have less of an impact on the environment. See Step 1 to find out how to deal with garbage, food scraps, and recyclables.

Part 1 of 3: Reducing Your Garbage

  1. Manage Your Home Waste Step 1 Version 2.jpg

    Use cloth bags instead of plastic. This small measure will Continue reading

How to Make your Garden

The location of your garden, how you till your soil, and many other factors can have a dramatic impact on your soil. These tips should help you tend to your soil the right way.

  • Don’t walk on wet soils, especially clay soils. The footprints you leave are evidence of compression — packing the soil particles tightly and squeezing out vital oxygen. This is not a desirable quality in a garden. Put walkways or stepping stones in the garden for easy access and to keep your shoes clean and dry. When planting, cover the soil with Continue reading